Chris Rainford

Drone Manager ( Ops and Safety)

Lancashire Fire and Rescue, CAA NQE ( UK Emergency Services ( ES) drone instructor)

I am currently in my 34th year working for the Fire service, with the last 10 years being mainly dedicated to drones. I have attended over 500 separate drone  incidents in the past 5 years since going live 24/7 in 2014,  giving experience which is pretty much unparalleled in the UK ES drone theatre of operations.

This level of experience has led to a huge number of working relationships, including instructing for a large number of Fire and Police services in the UK, as well as specialised work for the MOD, Home Office and EU Commission amongst many others.

On a personal level, I am married with 2 kids who won’t leave home,  therefore not allowing me to concentrate on the other main love of my life, cycling.