Dr John Ellerton

Suspension Syndrome

Dr John Ellerton was born in 1959 and has been involved in mountain rescue since 1986. He studied physiology at Cambridge University, England and then Medicine at Oxford University but even at that early stage he had his eyes on working and living in the mountains.

After training posts, he became a partner in a General Practice in the Lake District, England in 1991; a vocation he continues to do at least for another few weeks! He is a member of Patterdale Mountain Rescue team (1986 – ); was Medical Officer for MRE&W (2002-2012) and editor of ‘Casualty Care in Mountain Rescue’ 2000 and 2006. He joined ICAR MedCom in 2002, joined the ICAR Executive Board in 2012 as an assessor, and became ICAR MedCom President in 2017. He has coauthored over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals.