Dr Matt Wilkes


As a paraglider pilot and skydiver, I am passionate about canopy sports. In 2016, I founded the Free Flight Physiology Project to improve pilot safety and performance. Since then, I have written and delivered trauma courses to paraglider pilots and base jumpers internationally, while conducting scientific studies of pilot physiology and performance, as part of a PhD programme at the Extreme Environments Laboratory, University of Portsmouth.

My professional interests lie in anaesthesia and remote medicine. I completed the Master of Clinical Sciences (Mountain Medicine) in 2016 and have been the Lead Doctor and/or Medical Advisor to a number of expeditions. I have worked as Flight Physician with the AMREF East African Flying Doctor Service and in 2017, spent the post-monsoon season as a volunteer physician at the IPPG(UK) high-altitude clinics in the Khumbu region of Nepal.