Huw Birrell

Since my first involvement in Mountain Rescue in November 1974 ( two lost children on Tryfan ) I have been more than interested in search. I had at that time just joined the North Wales Police and moved around the Force doing various jobs  Over the years on an Ad hoc basis I was involved in many rescues and searches. A lot of time spent with SARDA Wales in the 1980s.

Along came family and ducked out of the M.R. scene for a while.

Enjoying my job. In 1998 I was appointed liason for the Force Control Rooms and got involved with NEWSAR. I got a Search Managers course by dubiously entering the Chief Inspectors Office ( might have been locked!) and bushwhacking him at Eight O`clock one Monday morning. He agreed that he would pay for the course as long as I stopped breaking into his Office and also told him how I did it! He then nominated me for Community Beat Officer of the year, my community being Mountain Rescue.The application for the award was written( whilst I was off for six months with an injury that nearly cost me my left foot) and deserved The Booker prize for fiction!!! I came second to a lad who had learned nine languages to speak to his multicultural beat!

I was a Deputy Team Leader at NEWSAR for eight years, Since 2006 I have been the Rep for N.W.M.R.A. to MREW, Holding Trustee of MREW I am a Trustee of R.B.U.K. I have just been involved in my first Peer review and thoroughly enjoyed it, learning a lot in the process.

If you come on a Search Management Course or a Party Leader Course for the price of a pint I will tell you about me, The Emperor of Japan and the day we spent on The Snowdon Horseshoe

p.s. I still find search fascinating